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Axle Features

  • High Quality low-alloy single piece axle tube with strong carrying capacity and high bending strength
  • The axle tube tempered as a whole, quenched optimally and then finished by high – precision machinery.
  • Environmental non – asbestos brake liner increases the wear life of 25%.
  • Strong interchangeable brake components and S-camshaft makes action more flexible and reliable.
  • Mobil XHP222 grease makes free maintenance time much longer.
  • Heavy – duty vehicles have strong interchangeability.
  • Steel hub cap designed uniquely with special O-Ring, which has best for leakproof.
  • ABS is optional.
  • Brake Drum & Hub easily removable because of out Board Brake Drum.
  • Inboard Brake Drum can available as demand.
  • German Axle can available as demand.
  • Axle Capacity can available as demand.
  • Axle length is available as demand.

Exploded View of Axle